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Bright Spot Schools & Districts

In a state with wide and persistent achievement gaps, it’s easy to become frustrated by the pace of change.

Nevertheless, across the state, districts and schools are leading the way toward making opportunity and high achievement for all students a reality.

Education leaders, teachers, and community partners are doing the hard, thoughtful work required to dismantle barriers to opportunity and to help all students learn and succeed. Ed Equity Navigator lifts up these bright spots and the promising practices that are used by these places to exemplify what they can look like in practice — in real schools and districts across California — so the education community can learn from these examples and help share their stories.

Top Performing Districts

These badges recognize mid and high-poverty districts that are high achieving or fast improving for students of color, English learners, and low-income students.

High-Impact Schools

These badges recognize schools that are having the highest impact on student achievement—schools where students are consistently making academic gains faster than similar students at similar schools. Four possible badges are available: 1 year of math growth, 3 years of math growth, 1 year of English language arts growth, and 3 years of English language arts growth.

Featured Schools & Districts

San Bernardino City Unified

Engaging the broader community to facilitate district change strategies
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Imperial Unified

Innovative strategies and funding support for English learner science instruction
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Long Beach Unified

Promoting college readiness with free test preparation and fee waivers
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Rancho Cucamonga High School

Promoting college readiness through dual enrollment
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Alhambra Unified

Teacher collaboration opportunities and English learner access to rigorous coursework
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Sun Empire Elementary School

Building mathematical understanding through professional development trainings and teacher collaboration
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San Gabriel High School

Understanding English learners' academic experiences to make systemic changes
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Nogales High School

Creating a welcoming and supportive school culture for newcomers
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Chula Vista Elementary School District

District-school interdependent relationship supports dual language, VAPA, teacher collaboration
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Whittier Union High School District

High expectations and structures support strong college and career preparation.
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