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San Gabriel High School

At San Gabriel High School in Los Angeles County, teachers have the opportunity to shadow English learners to gain a greater understanding of students’ experiences in and outside of class for a full day.

Using Ivannia Soto’s shadowing protocol helps teachers assess the extent to which English learners are able to listen, speak, read, and write using academic language. Shadowing teachers note what students are doing in their classes and the extent to which their teachers are engaging them with opportunities for discourse and collaboration. These experiences help “to hold a mirror up” to reflect how teacher practice and school policies impact English learners and the extent to which English learners have equitable access to rigorous courses. This process, along with an analysis of student courses and grades – disaggregated by language status – changed teachers’ perceptions of English learners’ academic capacities. As a result, district leaders decided to expand English learners’ access to A-G and advanced math courses, while providing robust supports in and outside of the math classroom. They did so by changing schedules and course offerings to allow English learners to take these more advanced classes. Emergent English learners were provided accelerated ELD pathways to create the opportunity to take more A-G approved English courses. In math, district leaders created SDAIE sections of A-G courses.

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English Learner Supports

Ensuring English learners access rigorous instruction, supports, multilingual programs
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Rigorous Curriculum and Instruction

Ensuring students have access to broad and rigorous learning opportunities
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